Maintaining the Breed


  1. Every MG regardless of condition or modification is welcome at our club.
  2. Each MG owner has the absolute right to do whatever they want with their car.
  3. All vintage racing organizations have their own policies as to modification.
  4. The MGT Register of Ontario is committed to “Maintaining The Breed”.
  5. The Executive of the club feels the need for a policy guideline regarding modification.

Therefore, at the Annual General Meeting of March 24, 2002, the membership adopted the following statement of the club’s position on MG modification.

Ontario MGT Register

Position Guidelines as to MG Modifications.

All MG’s are welcome at events run by the Ontario MGT Register. Our primary interest lies in “Maintaining The Breed” of MG built cars and all variants built prior to June 1962. This encompasses the end of MGA production and all earlier vehicles.
(Note: The MG Enthusiasts website shows MGA #109070 (“Last MGA”) rolling off the line in May 1962.)
(Note: British cars sold in North America were often registered by the date they were first sold. Some MGAs may show as 1963 models!)

As a club and a “T” series register we encourage members to enjoy and maintain these delightful vehicles as they were originally intended. This means that as a club we strive to promote vehicle originality within the limits of practicality.

Safety Modifications:

We need to drive our cars in modern traffic conditions. To do so safely requires that we make the cars more visible and safer. Extra tail and turn signal lights are recommended. Seat belts are recommended. Halogen bulbs are recommended.

Many members have ingenious “temporary” lighting arrangements than can be easily removed to restore originality. Modern brake materials and fluids can be a benefit. Safety is paramount.

Period Modification:

All “period available” modifications do not affect originality. If an owner is lucky enough to have an example, it merely makes for a larger variety of vehicles to look at and things to discuss. Cycle fenders, altered ratios and wire wheel conversions come into this category provided the “intent” of the conversion was around in the era the car was built.

Major Rebuild or Restoration:

We will encourage MG owners to try to maintain originality. Originally available engine blocks and major casings are an integral part in “Maintaining The Breed”. We will assist MG owners in sourcing these parts if requested. We ask that owners think twice before going to drastic measures such as installing different models or makes of driveline components. While we encourage and assist with the quest to keep the MGT’s and derivatives as close to original as possible, we also welcome any MG back on the road where it belongs.

WDN AGM 2002