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Member Recommended Resources

This page lists member recommended products or suppliers of parts and services. It is hoped that we will develop a list of trusted suppliers anywhere, but primarily in Ontario or Canada. The list is intended as a starting point for a reader seeking a source for some product or service.

To add a recommendation to the list, or to comment (pro or con), send an email to Webmaster.

  • MG T Series Oil Filter Adapters
    Bob Grunau supplies an adapter for T series cars permitting the use of modern spin-on oil filters. I have one on my 1951 TD and I consider it to be a very solid piece of workmanship. Ted Jackson 24-Apr-2001
  • Wheel Balancing – On the Car
    RNJ Tire Sales, 1600 Alliance Road, Unit 14, Pickering Ontario L1W 3V2.
    Tel: 905-420-3686 Fax: 905-420-9534 1-800-963-3686 email: RNJ Tire Sales
    Web site:
    Paul Ross (owner) just did my TD and it is now a pleasure to drive at any legal speed – and maybe a bit more.
    Not only that, it’s fun to watch him work! Ted Jackson 3-Jun-2001
    Just had Paul Ross of RNJ Tires re-balance my tires to eliminate a steering wheel shudder at 50mph. Car now runs much smoother and straighter. Quite a knowledgable guy when it comes to tires. (Now I know the car will do at least 60 mph). Sandy Bates 30-Jun-2004
  • Body Work and Repainting
    Bruce Heath Collision Service, 62 Peel St. E. Alma, 519-846-8330.
    Did the body work and painting of our 1950 TD and will do my 56 MGA. He enjoys working on older vehicles.
    Russell Muncaster 22-Aug-2001
  • Keys for Little British Cars
    Acme Lock and Key, 2085 Lawrence Ave E. Scarborough, ON 416-699-9999
    > Can provide blanks and cut keys based on the lock code or a key to duplicate. They have done good ones for my 1951 MGTD, but you should call with your specifics before you go. There’s probably a limit to their resources! Ted Jackson 22-Jan-2002
    > Just had them make a key for my ’53 MGTD… called with the ignition number and the key was sent in 2nd day mail. Total cost: $20.00. Very pleased …and it worked. Gordon Lawson – Niagara On The Lake. 5-June-2004
  • Fasteners, Hardware Components and Specialized Tools 
    Spaenaur Inc., 815 Victoria Street North, Kitchener, ON  N2B 3C3.  (519)744-3521 (800)265-8772
    A good source for small bits. They do retail and are very helpful. You can browse their 1,784 page catalogue on their website.
    Russell Muncaster 18-Jan-2003
  • Chrome Plating
    I just had some chrome parts on my TC replated at ‘Jim’s Polishing & Buffing Ltd.’ , I was very pleased with the quality of the work and the reasonable price. They are located at 53 Moira Ave., Scarborough – Ph. 416-264-2577.
    Jim Routh (10-Mar-2003) (N.B. Jim Routh is not the “Jim” in the firm’s name! Ed.)
  • Complete engine machining, balancing and rebuilding.
    Lambke Machine & Rebuild, 1241 Regional Rd. 19, RR 1, Wilsonville, Ontario N0E 1Z0
    Call 519-443-6330 for information and directions.
    Russell Muncaster 25-Mar-2003
  • Preston Radiator, 21 Secord Dr. St.Catharines. 905-935-1293
    Had a fuel tank chemically cleaned and sealed… great, quick job (well, took a week to get the sludge out of it…) Also had a rad flushed and cleaned for $30.00
    Gordon Lawson 31-Jan-2005
  • British Vehicle Electric, 24 Ernest Kettle Cres., Beeton, ON L0G 1A0
    905-729-4276 Cell:905-790-7386 Email
    Michael Hildrey – Owner
    Had a starter rebuilt by BVE.. The price was reasonable $80.00. Brian Hingston 12-June-2005
    Had my generator rebuilt by BVE. $80.00 Ted Jackson (16-Mar-2006)
    He repaired a faulty MGB alternator and reconditioned both the starter and generator on my TD. Work very satisfactory, price reasonable. Bill Tully (17-Sep-2011)
    A former member (TC) (led to BVE by our website! Sorry!) reports extreme unhappiness with BVE’s repair of his 9 post XK120 voltage regulator. $90.00 charged, not refunded as at this date.
    Contact Bruce Cunningham for more info. (20-Sep-2011)
  • Sand and Soda Blasting – Robinson’s Marine, 5197 Michener Rd.RR 1, Sherkston, ON L0S 1R0. 905-894-1102 Robinsons Marine
    A friend of mine had his TR6 “soda blasted” a few weeks ago… They use baking soda and there is no heat produced so no warping. It is also environmentally friendly, and doesn’t harm rubber. (that means you can do rims with the tyres on if you want). Anyway…the whole car (TR6 sized) was done for $300.00.
    Gordon Lawson 14-Jul-2005
  • Moss Dealer – TOM HAINES British Cars Vintage British Car Repairs. Factory Trained Licensed Technician.
    Specializing in Austin Healey, Triumph and M.G
    Niagara on The Lake. Email: Tom Haines 905-262-1416 Cell 905-650-6300
    Bob Dobrenski 10-Dec-2005
  • Moss Dealer – Little British Car Company Ltd.
    29311 Aranel, Farmington Hills, MI 48334-2815 USA
    Jeff Zorn Tel: 248-489-0022 or 800-637-9640 Fax: 248-489-9665
    Although based in Detroit MI, Jeff is a member of several Canadian British Car clubs and is a frequent visitor North of the border.
    He offers all the Moss product line and more. things that he imports directly. His prices are always better than Moss.
    I’ve purchased a number of items from Jeff, and always been satisfied with price and delivery.
    Ted Jackson 8-February-2006
  • Plastic Repair – The Plastic Surgeon
    Plastic Welding provides repair and fabrication services in Durham Region and surrounding areas. We specialize in plastic repair, also providing quality body repair as well refinishing. This service covers everything from automobiles, motorcycles and snowmobiles to industrial machinery, tanks, and related equipment.
    Dave Knight 29-March 2007
  • Carbureter and Fuel Pump Rebuilding
    David Jackson – Highway 2, Newcastle Ontario
    David was a BMC mechanic for years. Rebuilds SU and Weber carbureters, and SU Fuel pumps.
    He replaced the Stromberg carb on my MGB with a single SU, making a world of difference. He rebuilt the SU carbureters on June’s TC to our complete satisfaction.
    Brian Hingston 25-June-2008
  • Solid-state Voltage Regulator Conversion
    Wilton Auto Electric
    10 Stoney Brook Drive
    Wilton, NH 03086
    Bob Jeffers or 603-654-9852
    I had mine converted in August of 2007 and it’s been in the TD since then without discernable problem.
    Ted Jackson
  • Engine Oil Supplement (ZDDT replacement) 
    GM Engine Oil Supplement – Part # 992869
    New standards for engine oils have significantly reduced the ZDDT (Zinc) levels in the oils.
    The zinc provides extra engine wear protection particularly for cars with flat tappet camshafts.
    Based on advice from Frank Mount I am now adding one container of GM Engine Oil Supplement – Part # 992869 to every oil change.
    This is available at the parts counter of GM dealerships for about $11.00Cdn at the time of writing..
    (See also page 19, Issue 182 of Trillium News for additional Castrol oils which may be suitable).
    Ted Jackson 21-Mar-2010
  • Engine Oil Supplement (ZDDT replacement) 
    The brochure for this product says “Add a 4 oz bottle of ZDDPlus to every 4 to 5 quart oil change”.
    It also says “One bottle of ZDDPlus contains more ZDDP than two bottles of GM’s EOS”.
    So, this is an alternative to GM’s EOS listed above.
    This can be obtained from:
    B & G Restoration Inc., P.O. Box 27027, St. Catharines, ON  L2N 7P8, 905-934-7140
    This is NOT based on personal experience. Price (at Ancaster) $12.00 per bottle.
    Note: ZDDPlus has a website –
    Ted Jackson 18-Apr-2010
  • Silverplating of MG Headlamp Reflectors 
    Crown Silverplating 3891 Chesswood Dr. Toronto, Ontario. M3J 2R8 416-636-2995 or 1-888-262-5917
    Hours – 11-5 Mon-Thurs, 11-2.30 Fri, and 11.30-2.30 Sat.
    Silverplated the headlamp reflectors on my MGTC back in 2002.
    Ron Zeraldo (14-Feb-2011)
  • Repair, Maintenance, or Complete restorations of all types of vintage vehicles. 
    Bill McFarling 905-476-6079. located in Keswick Ontario
    Bill has owned a variety of MGs (J2, TC, MGB) and Bugatti, Arnolt Bristol.
    Has restored both American and foreign cars and trucks.
    Brian Hingston (14-Feb-2011)
  • SU Fuel Pump Rebuilding 
    SU Fuel Pump Restoration, 1913 South Marine Drive, Bremerton WA 98312. 360-479-0462
    Dave DuBois (owner) restores SU Fuel Pumps and converts them to solid-state.
    Dave only restores pumps during the non-driving season. You have to email him to find out when he will accept your pump to work on it.
    I sent my non-functioning, pump to him in early October and got back a price quotation which I accepted on October 13th.
    In December he requested his payment and shipped once he had received it. So, before Christmas, I received my pump back.
    Total cost $93.03 + 12.85 shipping (US of course). $60.00 for his work, plus $5.44 Gasket set and $27.59 Diaphragm.
    (Plus $22.11Cdn to send it to him! Thank you Canada Post!)
    Anyway, it arrived back a thing of beauty, looked brand new.
    Installed it Friday Feb 18th. Clear sunny and 10C and the rain had washed the salt off. Took it around the block. Worked like a charm.
    Ted Jackson (20-Feb-2011)

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