MGTD/TF Exhaust Flange Gasket

Needing an exhaust flange gasket (Moss 290-500) for my MGTD on very short notice I was forced to search Auto Supply stores and muffler shops to satisfy my requirements. Nobody (that I found) could sell me the werewithal to make my own gasket. And very few were at all helpful in suggesting anything that might do the job.

The upshot was that a very helpful muffler shop, and an equally helpful parts supplier right across the street, came up with a gasket that fits, with a very minor modification. (BTW, all this is in Toronto for those reading from other places.)

Here's the part number:
ROL - part number EG24593. Cost me $4.00Cdn. (vs. $7.65US for Moss)
The modification was enlarging the stud holes.

ROL lists the following equivalencies:

Midas EN1696
Victor F14604

Walker 31327
Maremont (US) G137, H1616, H1618
Fel-Pro 23599
AP 9030

ROL Manufacturing of America -

Midas Mufflers, Brake Repair, Car Maintenance and Auto Repair Services -
Victor Auto Parts -
Walker AutoParts -
Maremont Exhaust Products -
Fel-Pro Gaskets -
AP - don't know. Probably "Agency Power" brand performance accessories.

Hope this helps someone else. MGTD 5554

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Last revision: 15-Jun-2006