Dash Pot Oil


Moss Motors sells a little bottle (125ml - half a cup!) of Dash Pot Oil for $8.95USD.
That's $286.40 per U.S. gallon!
You thought petrol was expensive!
I looked for alternatives and hit upon Compressor Oil as a readily available single grade oil.
Compressor Oil has an ISO ratings: - ISO 32/46/68/100/150/220 equivalent to SAE 15W/20W/20W/30W/40W/50W respectively. Both ISO 46 and 68 fall in the SAE 20W range, with 46 being at the low end of the 20W range and 68 at the high end.
See http://www.synlube.com/viscosit.htm#Viscosity%20Comparison%20Table

I have used ISO 68 (20W) in the Dash Pots of my 1951 TD for several years now without ill effect. Available at Canadian Tire for $3.99Cdn per litre (about $16.00 per U.S. gallon!), and anywhere else that sells compressors and supplies.
I would be interested in alternatives if anyone wants to chip in. Also, does anyone think that this stuff could be used as shock absorber fluid in Girlings and Armstrongs? Is that feasible? Would it be more economic than motorcycle tube oil? I'll modify this if I get any responses.

Bob Mills says "I've used Singer sewing machine oil for at least 25 years in my TD dash pots......and it works just fine."


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