MGTD PVC Luggage Rack

By Ben Prince with Dale Drake

Several months ago in the May 2000 issue of the Bonnet [Northwest MG T Register newsletter], I reported on a portable luggage rack for the TF. It is made from PVC plastic irrigation pipe. The legs slip into the rear bumper overriders, and the top hooks over the spare tire. Bungee cord holds it in place. The rack is inexpensive to build, is strong and light, and may be installed or removed in seconds. [The TF design requires only minor adaptation to fit a TD, and there's a link to it on our Technical Page. This plan assumes you've looked at the earlier design. ed]

More recently, Dale Drake and I made a rack for his TD. This new version is simpler in design (fewer parts) than the one for the TF. And it is situated lower, providing better rearward visibility. As before, 3/4" heavy duty "schedule 80" pipe is used.

Figure 1 shows the rack with the key lengths labeled:

Item Label Quantity Cut Length

Top horizontals A 2 5"
Lower horizontals B 2 4-1/4"
Cross bars C 5 28-1/8"
Middle verticals D 2 10-3/8"
Legs E 2 7"

Also, six elbow and eight tee fittings are needed.

Please note that the new TD rack only works with a disk spare wheel. With a wire wheel, the knock-off protrudes, interfering with the suitcase. Although more complicated, the earlier TF rack is compatible with both disc and wire wheels. Less universality is apparently the cost of simplicity!